Saturday, July 28, 2007

Who is he?...Not even he knows.

Heavy Metal Profile Hey, gang.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I'm just coasting by...waiting to turn a year older this Monday. Yay me.
Anyway, This week sees the introduction of a mysterious new character named Magnus X. I'll post the profile soon; but go ahead and click on the b&w art to see him in full color. As always, critiques will be both welcome and appreciated.



Joseph said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Chubtoons!!!
About Magnus, he's more than alright, although I would have seen him in darker colors (deep crimson or night blue...), maybe greater & larger feet.
Big hugs & huge kisses.

Chubtoons said...

Thanks joseph!
Feel so

Sigh. I spent so many hours debating the colors. As for the feet, I kinda wish they had been bigger too.

JC said...

Wow! This might be my favorite rendering of yours so far, man! Cool costume design. Really like the metallic looking parts and the way you rendered his goodies all squished in his lil pouch.

I actually don't mind the feet. I think they taper in just enough to match the stylization you have going.

Also like that electro-hand. It looks very carefully done. Awesome work.

Patrick said...

Hey my friend...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!! :oD Hope you had a lot of fun and celebrated in style! LOL!

And I have to say, Magnus X is my favorite character/illustration by your very talented and creative hand so far. He's MAGNIFICENT!!!! The colors are fantastic of course, but I simply love his design. he's so sleek and unbelievably sexy. What a wicked costume -- love the bulge too!!! ;o)I can't wait for all of these characters of yours to come to life in comic form!!!

As always, beautifully done. He's really impressive!

Can't wait to see more!

Hugz + Kisses,
Patrick XOXOX

RDot said...

Happy Belated!! I agree with the others..Magnus ROCKS!!!! lets see the man beneath the

HvH said...

Happy birthday!!! :)
Hey, better late than never,
Loved the character design, but like most guys here, I'd have gone with a different colour scheme for his suit/armour... Still, he's sexy as hell :)

RDot said...

time to update the blog