Sunday, July 8, 2007

Hey, gang. I'm working on new stuffs to post, and absolutely loving on my new profile books from Class Comics. Mike and HVH should be very proud of themselves. The books are wonderful.
In the meantime, I've unearthed some artwork from my college days, and have been working on putting together an online page to share with everyone. First, let me say these are more "Bear" oriented than my most recent work. When I did most of these, I was just coming out and searching for an identity within the gay comunity. Now and then, I consider returning to my Beartoons and seeing were that leads me artisticly. Looking back, I think I grew more as an artist when I was exploring virgin teritory as a bear.


JC said...

this is great-- I love it when artist can put their work into a series like this. These really showcase your talent for inking.

I think my fave is Ride Em Cowbear! lol. Can't wait wor more.

RParker said...

I am loving your artwork. both bear and non bear big boys...i was wondering if you could do a black big boy rendtion...with a fro, or cornrows, that'd be HAWT!!!

Patrick said...

I love "The END"! GORGEOUS pose, and very VERY Sexy! I agree with JC, you ink extremely well. Inking can really make or break an illustration, and is harder than most people think. I am very impressed by your skills! :oD

These guys are wonderful, and I love the humor you have mixed with the sexiness into the drawings. Very effective and very fun!

All the best, my friend!
Patrick XOXOX