Friday, June 25, 2010

All Man
Hey...I'm finally back after many moons of artist's block. Let's just say the creative juices have been a little congested of late. Not sure what it is that takes hold of my spirit and imagination and keeps me from drawing even the simplest of things. For whatever reason, I've managed to peek my head out from under the fog and do a little doodling.

So, I figure (to celebrate this new found pinch of creativity) I would dress up my blog with a snazzy new template and a more colorful title banner. Hope it meets with everyone's approval. Also, I present a rarity for my blog - a post without a big piece of meat flopping all over the place. I wanted to do something that was both hot and cute and not-quite-so X-rated. Figure I’d start building a portfolio that can be use for more mainstream purposes.

I have to know...which is more appealing: subtle shading and highlighting, or clean flat colors? Everyone, please give me your two-cents worth.