Sunday, July 1, 2007

Heavy Metal Profile Hey, had time to whip out another character profile this week. So here it is. The incredibly bizzare Farm Boy! The art is scaled down quite a bit and has lost some of it's detail. I'll have to post a better version later.


JC said...

aaah-- he looks a bit like a satyr-- but it's cool how you didn't go with the conventional norm and just say he's a satyr. Cool backstory too-- very fitting for his look. I can see you have fun designing these characters.

I like the red version!

Anonymous said...

I so, dig your work my friend!
A book featuring your work would be amazing, and I hope you get around to creating it someday.
In the meantime, keep the art cum--er, "coming!" ;)

Best Regards,


Patrick said...

The bios you are creating for these studs are sooooo damn cool! I am a huge for of erotic art and I adore your style, but I also really love a well developed character (no pun intended! LOL!) I get even more interested when the character has a life of his own, beyond the image. So great job once again. I look forward to more, and to the comic -- no pressure or anything! LOL!

Awesome job as always! :oD
Patrick XOXO