Monday, July 16, 2007

Hey, gang. Another week has come and gone. "Thanks!" to everyone who visited my Beartoons page last week. I really need to get back to my inking. "Use it - or loose it" comes to mind. Trouble is that 90% of my time goes to making ends meet, leaving me with a puny 10% to devote to my real talents. The worst part of having a day job is knowing that all the blood and sweat you're wasting on it could be used elsewhere to create something great. I always end up feeling guilty or embarrassed for not finding the time to do more. Wouldn't that be cool - to be able to pull a few extra hours a day out of my ass. Eh...tempus fuck it!

Anyway, this week I'm giving everyone a taste of chocolate. I don't know what's the current socially accepted term: "black" to me sounds like it implies that one's skin is actually the color black; "African-American" implies that one lives in America, but was born in Africa; "Nubian" implies that one is from the Sudan or southern Egypt; I believe that "brother" or "brotha" are reserved for use between members within the particular community; just the thought of saying or writing the "n" word makes my skin crawl - that too is reserved for use by members of the community. I like "chocolate". It doesn't imply color, history, geography or social relationship. It's dark and delicious. Simple as that.

And with that said, I was doing some practice sketches this week and decided to have Robert ink one of the better ones. Unfortunately, he couldn't find the brush pen he likes using, so he ended up making due with a finer point. He still did a good job.


RDot said...

as a man of color myself, African -American will do just fine my man. but that toon is definitely a 'brotha' dayum..He is HAWT!!!! I must say that you are QUICKLY becoming a favorite of mine within the gay erotica *droolz*

RDot said...

do you have a myspace account? i would love to link to your blog.

Chubtoons said...

Then African-American it is. What can I say, I like food. LOL.

As for myspace, I just don't have time for another blog. I have a Live Journal account that I just barely manage to maintain where I keep intouch with old friends. Then I have this account that allows me to post my work uncensored. Other than that, I'm just not online enough. However, I'll be sure to check your page often to see what's up.

I hope to give you plenty of eye candy to drool over in all sizes, shapes and colors.

JC said...

Aw-- he's cute. Love his big eyes. Let's see what's below the waist!!

Anonymous said...

Ah...everyone's got there own interpretation and tastes, CT.
I don't mind being Chocolate any more than less than I like the term "Nubian" (which literally, means Beauty, btw.)
Excellent art and update--glad to know you an artiste of diverse tastes, much like myself. As for the work-thing...I understand, simply do what you love and the rest WILL follow. ;)

Keep up the great work, my friend.


Anonymous said...





Fat Black Gay Blog said...

Nice. blog man. Funny read.

I love the pic, and am black. most blacks like the word black. but we like to be call by our names. thank you.African -American is good to.
But if you call be Chocolate than i will have to fuck you. lol hit ma back