Monday, August 27, 2007

Superman shoots a load

Hey folks,

Been a looooong time since last I posted . The biggest reason being that I've been working on so many different things that just aren't ready for prime time yet. So everyone will have to wait for those goodies. In the mean time, I do have something to offer the rest of the class. I was thinking about all the erotic angst going on with some of our favorite characters, and decided to play around with a classic Icon. So I've given Supes the ol' chubtoons treatment.

Also, I have a question for everyone. About two months ago, my grandfather passed away. He was openly gay and accepted, as I am, by all members of the family. However, I discovered recently that in scavenging through his possessions my mother and aunts found a large stash of gay adult videos and magazines. When I suggested that I would like to have them, I was told that they had been dumped into a pit and burned. I can (somewhat) understand their being emotional at the loss of a father, but I'm incredibly sore that they destroyed his belongings because they consider it to be "filth". My question is this: Does anyone have experience or advice in dealing with family and justifying their choice in drawing or producing pornographic artwork? It's just something that hangs heavy in the back of my mind these days.

Huge Hugz!