Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Howdy Folks! You may be asking yourself, "is that Deimos?". Well the answer would be Yes! I've been absolutely stoked since Patrick anounced Boytoons Adventures. I'm all about toony styles. If you can say it with realism, you can say it ten times louder with toonism. Hehehe...

Well, this week I present my favorite boytoon character done in my own toonish style. Everyone enjoy! I'll probably go out of my head waiting for the new digest to cum out. (Guess I'll just have to be satisfied with drawing toony versions of everyone else's characters. Someone stop me befor I kill again!)

In other news...EVERYONE GO SEE DARK KNIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so fucking cool!

In the words of Peter Griffin: Testicles...that is all!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy July, everyone!

Canada Day was two days ago, Independence Day is two days away, we've passed the half-way mark for yet another year, and I turn 38 in just four weeks! Yay!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I've been quiet for a while now, and decided to update the blog with my latest work. I pressent FB minus about 5lbs of hair and his trademark over-alls. He's also wearing some realy hawt pheremones...but scratch-n-sniff jpegs haven't been invented yet. Oh, well.

As for what I've been up to...work has been the same old shitty 9-5 with no signs of improving. It's all more motivation for me to get cracking on my art carreer. It would be wonderful to not be working at the same place next year at this time. We'll see.

Also, I want to send out some recomendations for the comics I just got from Class Comics:

1) Porky 2 - It's FUCKING AWSOME! There's loads of (dirty) sex and a suprisingly emotional backstory. It's like, what happens when the the sex is over and the blood rushes back to the head on your shoulders? We discover that the pudgy little slut has feelings.

2) Diemos - I was allready hooked on this guy when I read Patrick's first comic. I was so blown away by Logan's rendering. One of my favorite artists meats mone of my favorite characters! The twist at the end seems to cum out of left field, but it bodes well for a dramatic overall story arc.

3) In The Blink of an Eye - HVH, quite simply one of the best at what he does. I've been in love with his style from day one. The stories are as spellbinding as the artwork. I think my favorite is the second story. It's both sad and touching.

4) Zahn - What I love most about Patrick is his delicious sense of humor. You read his earlier comics and the jokes are staring you in the face with a wicked smile. By the end of Zahn #1, you are left with one thought: "WTF?" The jokes in this story are like easter eggs that sprout nimble little legs and suddenly jump out at you with no warning. That, and Patrick just knows how to draw a hot guy with a realy big "personality".

5) Mark Of Aeacus - The artwork is gritty. The premis is twisted. The (anti)hero is creepy as hell. This comic may end up being one of my favorites. The story is being told in a deliberately slow and methodical manner that tugs at the old-school comics reader in me. I hope the book gets darker and darker with each issue.

If you are thinking about getting any or all of these, please do. As you probably know, you can now order Class Comics from Diamond Adult through many comic and book shops.

Hugz to all!