Saturday, December 29, 2007

Is everyone having a great holiday season? I hope so!

Yours truly has been busy working the phones at work with most of the rest of the office taking the week off. For this reason, I haven't posted anything new untill now. I'm still hard at work on the big project I was hoping to have finished for X-Mas. Alas, It's been a slow process with everything else going on at home with the guys and friends/family.
What I have this week, besides a new Kok and Man, is a look back at some old - and new - line works. I'm still working on the big project, and will hopefully have it done for New Years day.
Huge Santa-hugz for everyone.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Brian Unchained

Hey all, just to let everyone know that I don't intend to let the waters get too stagnant around here, here's a little shot of an old friend. I did this one of Brian the barbarian a short time after the first one I posted some months ago. With this piece, I poke some major fun at Frazetta works inwich the buck-ass naked hero manages to show you every single detail - except for the the "goodies".

Also, I want to invite everyone to check out the link on the right side of the blog to see a new Kok & Man comic strip each week.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Blasting from the past...

Kok and Man


The end of the year, that is. I can't believe how freak'n fast 2007 has flown by. I've done a lot of reflection on the passing year today as I stayed home from work to do some last-minute holiday baking. I've been thinking back on some of my first erotic artwork. Looking at it now, it seems relatively tame. Case in point: my first attempt at a webcomic was a nice little strip called "The adventures of Kok and Man". I worked on it, off and on, for about three years. I'ld be unemployed and looking for work and in my spare time would draw and color it. Then I'ld get a job and it would be put on the back-burner for months and months. And when I'ld be between jobs again, it would start back up.

Anyway, it's by far not my best work...but it showed a lot of heart and desire to tell a good story. It's a shame it was never completed. I'm going to start posting the series here on my blog (starting this weekend) I want everyone to tell me if I need to invest the time and sweat to breath new life into this story. The promo pic I'm posting tonight was my first attempt to draw the two main characters; and to date, it is one of my favorite renderings of them. I would kind of like to go back and either redraw or rework the comic, but part of me says that I should put the past to bed and move forward with Futomara and the gang at Hero Sandwich.

Speeking of Futomara...I have special treat for everyone who wanted to see more of the toon from Hell. It's what I've been busy with for the past couple weeks, and hopefully it'll be ready to post by XXXMAS.

Big burly bearhugs for everyone!