Monday, August 27, 2007

Superman shoots a load

Hey folks,

Been a looooong time since last I posted . The biggest reason being that I've been working on so many different things that just aren't ready for prime time yet. So everyone will have to wait for those goodies. In the mean time, I do have something to offer the rest of the class. I was thinking about all the erotic angst going on with some of our favorite characters, and decided to play around with a classic Icon. So I've given Supes the ol' chubtoons treatment.

Also, I have a question for everyone. About two months ago, my grandfather passed away. He was openly gay and accepted, as I am, by all members of the family. However, I discovered recently that in scavenging through his possessions my mother and aunts found a large stash of gay adult videos and magazines. When I suggested that I would like to have them, I was told that they had been dumped into a pit and burned. I can (somewhat) understand their being emotional at the loss of a father, but I'm incredibly sore that they destroyed his belongings because they consider it to be "filth". My question is this: Does anyone have experience or advice in dealing with family and justifying their choice in drawing or producing pornographic artwork? It's just something that hangs heavy in the back of my mind these days.

Huge Hugz!


RDot said...

WoWza....WELCOME BACK>>you HAVE been missed....i was kinda getting hooked to your site....then...nothing...glad to have u back in the game

Your superman is superhawt!! you are an amazing talent and whoever colors for you is should tip him/her

and as far as letting the fam know that you are a gay erotic artist...they already know you're why not let them know what you do. you are a grown man. i'm not really one to talk as i write gay erotica and haven't let my family know...oh well.

it sucks that they burned your grandad's old porn....that was foul...but i guess they would have done the same had it been straight

HvH said...

I was wondering when you were going to get back with new work. Super-duper cool :)

Chubtoons said...

Thanks guys. I missed posting, but just didn't have that much to post untill I got Supes finished.

Hey rdot, I'm glad your like'n my stuff. It's good to be welcomed back after so long. As for my coloring, I pretty much do it myself. I don't know if my fam would have responded differently if it had been str8t porn. I think they pretty much consider it all to be filth.

And as for you, HVH. Hugz back at you. I've got a lot of toonier type stuff on the way. Including a little something based on your own work.

Hugz 'n Tugz!

Patrick said...

Hiya Chubtoons... Good to see you posting again. LOVE the Superman illustration! It's totally sexy, and as always, quite lovely!

As for family, I personally have always thought that it is better to keep my family abreast of what I draw, even if I don't necessarily show them all my work. My mom used to be really uncomfortable about my art, but now when people ask her what her son does for a living, she proudly states that "he draws erotic art!" My parents even have a few of my tamer pieces hanging in their home.

I think that eventually, people can come around to accepting the sort of work we do...maybe even respecting it. it's all about portraying ourselves and our craft in a positive light, and never seeming ashamed of it. When we do that, they realize that it is not a big deal, and sometimes they even learn to see it in a positive manner. After all, it is art. it's important to place emphasis on that.

I'm so sorry to read about your Grandfather, my friend. My condolences. It really is a shame about his personal effects as well. i am sure they would have been a wonderful memento. I hope that your family can understand why you are sad that those possessions were disposed of. Clearly, you and your grandfather shared a very important trait in common, and that is something they must at least recognize.

Again, my sympathies.
All the very best,
Patrick XOXO

Rudy said...

Hot drawing!

Vintage porn lost forever. What a pity - might have inspired a drawing or two.

You should never have to justify your work and choices to anyone but yourself. But it is hard dealing with people that have a different frame of reference.

My family knows about me and supports me - they even go on holiday with me and my partner.

But the relationship has always been a case of "Wat die oog nie sien nie maak die hart nie seer nie" (What the eyes don't see won't hurt the heart).

As long as they don't have to see me in "that" context they are happy. They will never know the real me...

Just my opinion but maybe it helps.

JC said...

my parents are big 'ol pervs so i don't doubt that they contributed to my evolution into a porn artist. In fact, when I showed them anything that was just the slightest bit sexy, they praised and congratulated me to no end.

Nevertheless, in my adulthood, I will admit to being apprensive and embarrassed about revealing to them that I wanted to produce pornographic art for a living. Lucky for me, I never really had to reveal it to them directly because they found out on their own. (Thanx google)

In talking about it with them, I agree with patrick in that you must always sound proud of your art and genuinely believe that it is worthwhile. You can't talk about it as if its just some sick little hobby. You have to own it. Once they realize that it's serious and legitimate, they'll accept it. This holds true for everyone, not just parents and family.