Thursday, July 9, 2009

Quick Update


I've finished my first official comic script of Captain Fattastic. The comic is 24 pages. It tells the first chapter of CF's origin. A truely evil badguy is on the loose and sexy young chub Bobby Blutowski is on a headlong jurney across the universe to claim the power to stop him.

Next step - start storyboarding so robert can begin working on backgrounds.

Warning: 3D effect not available in all states...void where prohibited by law!


JC said...

Hey buddie! I cant wait to read this! Your sense of humor is so clever- Im sure it's gonna be a classic! Btw, jealous you have a background artist! T___T

Anonymous said...

Hell Yeah! That is GREAT news CT! I'm looking forward to view your finished work as well! It's been a long time coming--er, cumming! :D


Anonymous said...


Patrick said...

W_I_C_K_E_D!!!!!!!! :oD

This is awesome news, my friend. I cannot wait to see your first book! Your work is so damn amazing.... a comic by you is going to freakin' ROCK!!!

And by the way, I love your new Blog format!

Hugz + kisses, buddy!
Patrick XOXO

buff said...

Super congrats on all of your recent mindblowing achievements.

Your illustrations rock me hard.

Mega hairy muscle hugs wishing you continued success. A new fan.

Perdido said...

Congratulations, my friend.

Chubtoons said...

Time to catch up!
JC, Don't get too jealous. Getting Robert to work on anything is like pulling teeth sometimes. I may be doing those backgrounds myself afterall.
Z, Thanks! Like I said, I may be doing my own it's going slower than expected. But hey, it's a learning experience.
Curio, Thanks! Hope everyone enjoys the finished product.
Patrick, You will one of the first to see my work when finished. I'm learning a lot about how much work is involved.
Buff, I'm glad to have you following my work. I hope you continue to enjoy it. HUG!
Perdido, Thanks bud. It's been forever since I've updated Kok & Man. I'll try to get you some new pages of it soon.

Great big hugz to all!

ANDREZ said...

Hey buddy congrats!
sorry for my enlgish
i admire you sense of humor
and enjoy your blog a lot.
thanks for sharing!