Saturday, July 4, 2009

Oink! Howdy Everyone!
It's July...and I'm back to the monthly fan art. This month I'm stoked to present my version of Benjamin Foley a.k.a. "Porky"
I'm hard for this character for a few good reasons. First, I love everything Logan draws. I love everything about his characters: muscles, bellies, fur...He's like Tom of Finland for the bear/chub community. Second, I love Porky. He's smart, sexy, and precocious. All that, and a heart of gold. He's a dirty little bad boy who’s destine to be a powerful hero.
So, there you have it.

Also, at the request of JC, I've updated last month's "Lil' Peeps" post with darker line work. Just click on the small pic from that post and you will hopefully notice a difference. That, and you will notice a new template for the blog this month. I thought a change would be nice...

Hugs to all!


Jezza said...

Great work, Chubs.
Love the Looney Toons spin.

nightfallcub said...

oh hellllll yes. this is super!

JC said...

abbady abbady that's all folks! hahah (it's weird to try and sound out PorkyPig's stutter...)

Great rendition of Porky, man. You made him a little more chest-heavy than I usually see him-- but I'm sure Logan won't mind-- I saw some of the previews for the new ish and Porky looks like he's roided up a bit! o__O And you NAILED his face. This is like the definitive toony version of Benny.

Also glad to see someone's doing Porky fan-art. He's a very important character in our genre. The fact that Logan makes Porky as hot and sexy as all the other muscle-bound characters truly speaks to his progressivism. ;)

Kevbot said...

Excellent stuff!!!

I know you generally like doing muscular guys, but have you ever considered doing Jason from Something Positive.

Once again, awesome!

logan said...

To answer JC's post, Thanks a lot for the kind words on Porky and your really great comprehension of what i want to do in gay comic industry (it's really cool to see that people understand the meaning of our works) ! And I'm really proud that Chubs make this awsome pin-up of my little fella ! Thanks a lot !