Sunday, August 16, 2009

Two heads are better than one
Well, it's that time again - first post of the month. And this month's fan art is one of the oldest comic book characters out there. It's Plastic Man! Plaz is considered to be one of the seven most significant super heroes of all time. He was created in the early 40's by writer/artist Jack Cole. Originally, Plaz was a small-time crook named Patrick "Eel" O'brian. When a heist goes bad, he is shot and dipped in acid. The acid enters his blood through the gunshot wound and transforms him into living plastic. Hey, it' a little thing we like to call "comic book physics". After being nursed back to health by a friendly monk, Eel decides to reform and fight crime as an elastic costumed superhero. Sixty years later, Plaz still makes cameos in DC Comics and the new Batman: Brave and The Bold cartoon. Ever since his 80's cartoon, Plastic Man has had a very special spot in my heart and imagination. And for this reason, I present him as August's Fan Art Subject.

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