Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mighty Zeus
Howdy, gang!

First...Happy St. Patty's Day!...
Hope everyone has fun but makes it a safe one.

Second, I submit a little piece I drew about 2 months ago and just got around to inking and coloring. The subject is Mighty Zeus. This is how I want to render him in my Captain Fattastic Comic. The idea is that many of the ancient "gods" of Greece are actually highly evolved beings from a planet light years away from Earth. This planet, Olympus Prime, is where Bobby Romano receives the Power Amplifier that transforms him into the irresistible CF!

Hugs to all!


Jezza said...

Great Zeus, Chubs!
Before even reading your post I recognized him right away. Beautiful interpretation of a classic myth and the color was worth the wait.
I'm lookin forward to see'n him in your comic.

Patrick said...

I absolutely LOVE Greek Mythology. It's so rich and totally inspiring -- clearly!!!

This illustration is really gorgeous! I love your take on Zeus and the background is really superb as well!!! Well done once again!!

I really love this! Thanks so much for sharing it with us! :D

Hugz + kisses to ya!
Patrick XOXO

Lustful Concept said...

Love your artwork... came across it via a few links. I just started a blog of my own artwork, www.lustfulconcept.blogspot.com... keep up the good work!

Chubtoons said...

Thanks, Jezza! Keep checking back for more characters and info on the comic.
Hey, Patrick. Your right about Greek Mythology. I've always loved how it combines fantasy and senuality.
Hi, Lustful Concepts! I checked out your blog and absolutely loved you work!
Hugz to all!

john plante said...

Remember the comic book kid superhero "Wonder Boy" who would say "SHAZAM" to invoke his superpowers. As a kid, he was one of my turn-ons. If only someone could revive him, and maybe his shazam invocation would endow him with enormous cockly powers. Splat splat, there drowns the enemy, or some such.