Saturday, February 7, 2009

Black Magic
Hey, kids!

Not much to report...just wanted to share the latest offering as part of Black History Month.

Hope you like it, RDOT. HUG!!!


RDot said...

holy hell. is THAT me??? WOWZ! I fucking LOVE IT!! YESSIR!! LOVE IT!! Ok i need to get back to Tribeca ASAP... Feel free to use him in ANY of ya stories, lol. just dont kill him off. THANKS!

JC said...

Yowza, dude-- what an awesome portrait! Great linework and colors as usual. I have to say, I am a little frightened of RDot as a superhero. That arm looks like it'd punch a hole thru me-- and that cum looks like hot lava! hehe! Nice job, bro.

Jezza said...

I love your work!
Great artist and your chubs are hot.

There isn't a link to follow your blog, do you keep an email list that you send out updates to your blog?


Jezza said...

Disregard :)
I figured it out. Forgive my noobness to the bloggin world

Chubtoons said...

I'm so glad you love it, RDot! It took long enough. :)
JC, Thanks for the coments. Keep an eye out for my fan art posting for next month. It will feature some characters you are very familiar with. ;)
Hey, Jezza, I welcome you to my blog. I'm always happy to have a new admirer for my artwork. :*