Saturday, March 28, 2009

He's the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly all rolled up in one. (Minus the Good, of course)

His name is Slaughterhouse. He's a demon with an axe to grind - a fuck'n big axe - with humanity! At one time, he was one of Heaven's highest-ranking angels...until he got suckered into helping Lucifer in the great uprising. Now he has found himself barred from both heaven and hell and (through logic twisted by madness and rage) blames it all on humankind. His vampiric lust for human blood drives him to senselessly slaughter without discretion. The only thing greater than Slaughterhouse’s bloodlust is how horny it makes him. The more he kills, the bluer his balls get...and when that happens, he goes on a very different kind of rampage.

Our hero has his hands full with this one...if he's not careful he'll have something else full too.


Wonder Man said...

I like it, seems to be an interesting demon

noobwriter said...

looks nice... is there more comming of this guy?
sure would like that ^^