Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April Fan Art: Naked Justice

Naked Justice
Huge Hugs to all!
This week, I begin what I hope will become a monthly tradition and labor of love. I've decided to make my first post of each month a piece of fan art devoted to my favorite fellow erotic artists. This month's fan art post is dedicated to Patrick Fillion of Class Comics and Boytoons Magazine. Of course, my favorite character from the Class Comics roster is Deimos; but I've done him, so I decided to do a tooned up version of one of Patrick's most iconic characters - Naked Justice!
I've actually been itching to draw this guy for some time now. I figured now was a good time, with the impending release of Naked Justice: Beginnings. What I dig most in Patrick's style is the flow and elegance with wich he draws the human form. He renders his figures with a sense of romantic indulgence. They are both sexy and sensitive - and it is for this reason, I feel, that Class Comics really lives up to it's name.



Jezza said...

Well done, Chubs. Well done. I like it A LOT.

nightfallcub said...

you should totally send this to patrick!!!!! he would love it!

Gay Comic Geek said...

I agree! Show it to Patrick, this is awesome!

Patrick said...

HOLY CRAP!!!! :oD This is totally AMAZING, buddy!!!! You've done such a wicked-cool job on NJ. It's so awesome to see him in your style. I love that you captured his essence so well, but also really gave him your own unique flavor. This image is absolutely brilliant. :oD

And I also want to thank you for all the really nice things you wrote about me and Class Comics. I am totally touched by this. And I really, REALLY appreciate it!!!!

Thanks again so very much!!!

BIG BIG Hugz + Kisses to you!
Patrick XOXO

Chubtoons said...

Thanks Jezza, Nightfall and Comic Geek!
And thank you very much, Patrick. Your work is so full of insperation. I can't help being drawn (haha) to it when I need some cool sourse material. I'll be ordering my copy of NJ Beginnings as soon as it comes out.
Hugz to all!

nookiedog said...

One word: Awesome!

Wonder Man said...

very nice