Monday, September 1, 2008

I've been away again...oh, well. That's life. I wanted to post something, so I figured, why not mix things up with a little G-rated fun. I actually did this a few months back, but since we're looking at "toons", thought it would be a good time to post. The line work isn't as organic as most my work. I was actually going for a Genndy Tartakovsky look (Powerpuff Girls, Clone Wars). I know a lot of people don't dig his style, but I find it very expressive.

Anyway, everyone enjoy...and I'll try to post something new next week.


Anonymous said...

Oh sweet! I love Genndy's style (I butchered his name, I know)!! And I love the transformers, so more power to you!! :)

-<3- Liz

Chubtoons said...

Hey, Liz! So happy to have you drop by. Haven't met too many female transfans. I love Gendy's work as well. I especially love that it seems to have inspired so many other writer/artists. I noticed that you are a big fan of Spiderman. I should draw him sometime for you.

Hug HUG!