Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Howdy Folks! You may be asking yourself, "is that Deimos?". Well the answer would be Yes! I've been absolutely stoked since Patrick anounced Boytoons Adventures. I'm all about toony styles. If you can say it with realism, you can say it ten times louder with toonism. Hehehe...

Well, this week I present my favorite boytoon character done in my own toonish style. Everyone enjoy! I'll probably go out of my head waiting for the new digest to cum out. (Guess I'll just have to be satisfied with drawing toony versions of everyone else's characters. Someone stop me befor I kill again!)

In other news...EVERYONE GO SEE DARK KNIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so fucking cool!

In the words of Peter Griffin: Testicles...that is all!


JC said...

Very cute! The color version is awesome-- with the brick wall and the spray paint. Hope Patrick loves it!

Patrick said...

This illustration ROCKS, my friend -- and I absolutely love it!!! :oD

Your vision of Deimos is superb!!! Thanks so much for drawing this. And I agree with JC -- the bricks and graffiti look awesome with him as well.

Well, as always, you've really done a fantastic job! I am really touched and it's so cool to know that you find Boytoon Adventures so inspiring! :oD I really appreciate that!

Awesome, awesome illustration! I have happily saved it in my personal art collection! :oD

Lotsa luv and thanks!!
Patrick XOXO

Dan said...

I loved your blog and all cartoons.
Kisses from London

Perdido said...

Dear friend, I hope that your hotmail address is still working. I've just sent you a message with a proposal about "The Adventures of Kok and Man". You have fans also in Italy. If there's another e-mail address to which I can contact you, please let me know. A big hug.

Chubtoons said...

Hi everyone! It's taken a while to get back online...but I'm so happy you liked my little toon.

JC - Thanks! I've been over at your blog and loved your latest works. I'm glad yo liked the color version. The spraypaint on the brick wall was an inspired touch that came to me as I was coloring it.

Patrick - It's no secret that I have a superhuman abundance of respect for you as an artist. Your characters are as iconic and fun to draw as anything from Marvel or DC.

Dan - I just want to know - is that you in your little pic? YUM! Thanks for the kind words. Hugz!

Perdido - Thanks for posting my comic in Italian. You rule!

logan said...

Your Deimos is totally cool, very convincing ! You make something really dynamic with this drawing ! Keep on the good work, buddy !

Chubtoons said...

Wow! Thank you, Logan! I'm so happy you stopped by my blog. (Blush)
Woofy Hug!