Sunday, September 7, 2008

devil sketch So...I'm sketching this figure and trying to think of all the things about my own drawing I don't like. Things like heads and faces, hands and legs, muscles and preportions. I'm telling myself, that part of my problem is that I start drawing a body the way I think it's suposed to look and end up getting bogged down in drawing every little muscle group and wrinkle; and before I know it, what I've drawn looks less like a figure and more like highschool art exercise.

So what do I do? Well first I take a deep breath and ask myself if what I'm drawing looks like what it's suposed to be. I do some "homework" in my head and study some prefessional works on the net. Then I tell myself I can do it if I don't get lazy and fly on autopilot. I sit and draw and think about everything I draw and why I'm drawing it. I resist the urge to show a certain muscle or curve of the face just because I don't want to look like I don't know it's there.

This week's post is pretty static, but I like the ballance of detail (and suggestion of detail). I hope I can get some critiques from the peanut gallery. Please tell me what I need to pay attention to and what I need to pay less attention to. Who knows, perhapse I can start getting some real work and get away from the 9 to 5 dredge.

Hugz all around!


Dirk said...

Hey man--just wanted to say that I love your work, and that you have a very unique and highly recognizable style. Don't fret over what you do, because you have real talent.

Hey, maybe a self-portrait some day? Your photo looks rather woofy and I'd like to see more 'o that!


Chubtoons said...

Thanks Dirk! I'll always be my own worst critic. I try not to, but then I do something new that looks right and I can't help enjoying that little bit of praise I get from myself. Perhapse I'll get a chance to do that self-portrait.