Saturday, December 29, 2007

Is everyone having a great holiday season? I hope so!

Yours truly has been busy working the phones at work with most of the rest of the office taking the week off. For this reason, I haven't posted anything new untill now. I'm still hard at work on the big project I was hoping to have finished for X-Mas. Alas, It's been a slow process with everything else going on at home with the guys and friends/family.
What I have this week, besides a new Kok and Man, is a look back at some old - and new - line works. I'm still working on the big project, and will hopefully have it done for New Years day.
Huge Santa-hugz for everyone.


RDot said...

happy belated merry chrimus to u too!! sexxy work as usual and i'm loving kok and man!

RDot said...

wow! thanks for all the toons!

JC said...

Wow-- thanks for the load, dude! That's a whole lotta pics!

Love all the face detail in Happy Holidays, the curly hair in Chubtoon#1, and all the imagination that went into BearMech. You really have a great knack for chara design, dude. If we ever had the time, it'd be great to collab one day.


Perdido said...

Happy new year, J. Woof!

GB Morphs said...

Awsome.. I love Bear Mech!
Have a Happy New Year and thanks again for sharing your art.

Chubtoons said...

Warm wishes to everyone!

Did everyone have a nice holiday? I hope so.