Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Blasting from the past...

Kok and Man


The end of the year, that is. I can't believe how freak'n fast 2007 has flown by. I've done a lot of reflection on the passing year today as I stayed home from work to do some last-minute holiday baking. I've been thinking back on some of my first erotic artwork. Looking at it now, it seems relatively tame. Case in point: my first attempt at a webcomic was a nice little strip called "The adventures of Kok and Man". I worked on it, off and on, for about three years. I'ld be unemployed and looking for work and in my spare time would draw and color it. Then I'ld get a job and it would be put on the back-burner for months and months. And when I'ld be between jobs again, it would start back up.

Anyway, it's by far not my best work...but it showed a lot of heart and desire to tell a good story. It's a shame it was never completed. I'm going to start posting the series here on my blog (starting this weekend) I want everyone to tell me if I need to invest the time and sweat to breath new life into this story. The promo pic I'm posting tonight was my first attempt to draw the two main characters; and to date, it is one of my favorite renderings of them. I would kind of like to go back and either redraw or rework the comic, but part of me says that I should put the past to bed and move forward with Futomara and the gang at Hero Sandwich.

Speeking of Futomara...I have special treat for everyone who wanted to see more of the toon from Hell. It's what I've been busy with for the past couple weeks, and hopefully it'll be ready to post by XXXMAS.

Big burly bearhugs for everyone!


RDot said...

kok and Man are more please!! NOW!!

Perdido said...

Dear friend, I'm be very happy if you'll decide to continue "the Adventures of Kok and Man". I think it's a very nice series.
It would be a pity not to give it an end. A big huge from Italy.

RDot said...

yeah...i wanna see the old strips...where can i find them?

JC said...

cute drawings, dude. I especially appreciate the creativity that went into kok's design. What is he, exactly? A shark-hybrid?

Ill be honest with you when it comes to your old comic series. If you are having reservations about bringing it back, it might be best to put it to rest. If you are not 100% passionate about the characters and the series, it'll show in the work. And there's no point in investing time and effort into something you are not super-passionate about. It'll feel chorish.

With that said, I'm sure you're going to take the time to re-evaluate your love for the characters and you'll probably not want to axe them altogether. In which case, what I'd do is try and combine them with your newer stories. This way, if they're a part of something you're working on currently, u won't feel like ur abandoning them.

ALL my current characters are reincarnated iterations of older ones.

Chubtoons said...
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Chubtoons said...

Hey guys, I've started posting the old strips. Just click on the pic of Kok on the right side of my blog and you will be taken to a new comic strip each week.

As for "what" Kok is, he's an (as of yet) unnamed alien race. You will quickly learn who Man is, and why he's with Kok.

I think that as the story continues, you will see just how much I fell in love with the characters.

Hugz to all!

Perdido said...

Welcome back, Kok and Man!

harley said...

your pictures are great but so little happens on your blog i am taking it off my favorits which i enthusiastically put it on at first.
cheers and best of luck.
but when you keep going to a site and there is nothing new there well......

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Image CT! Would love to see more of your old strips if you care to share. On a professional/creative note, I'll have to agree w/JC---if you love em, express and share them to your heart's content...if not? Then simply retire then to joy of your memory--Passion IS important in whatever you endeavor.

Looking forward to seeing more of your work in coming New Year.

Best Regards,


Chubtoons said...

Hey, Harley, thanks for dropping in. I'm sorry to loose your interest because of a slow blog...but that's life. I guess I could blame the writers' strike...

Z, Keep an eye on the new Kok & Man link on the right-hand side of my blog. I'll be posting the old comic strip each week. Hugz!

Thank you Perdido! Hopefully I can give you something new along the way. Big-Hugz!