Sunday, November 30, 2008

Captain Fattastic
This week's offering is a character that has earned a spot in my heart in a very short amount of time. He's just your average superhero with above average super powers and a never-ending appetite for food and fun. I call him Captain Fattastic. He possesses the ancient Power Amplifier of Olympus Prime. It's one of the most valuable artifacts in our galaxy. Fattastic could be a god if he ever seriously tried to learn how to tap into the P.A.'s almost limitless power; but, alas, he's content just being a bumbling superhero. I'm not sure if I'll go full nudity with this character or not. For now, he'll stay clothed. Let me know what you think.


Jerry said...

That's a fantastic idea! And if you're up for the idea, I'd love for you to perhaps render me in your own comic styling - in case you need some more inspiration!

Chubtoons said...

Hey Jerry, thanks for the suggestion. I may take you up on that. Btw...I am unable to access your profile right now. You may need to change your settings to share it. Hugs.

RDot said...

Chubtoons...excellent work as usual...u know...since u may be looking for models...i could offer my services for u as well...get some more color in ya portfolio

Chubtoons said...

I'ld love to draw you RDot! Do you have any pics I can look at?

JC said...

U already have tentacles squeezing his genitals. No need to be modest! hehe! Great angles going on here.
By the way-- thanks for the sidebar link on AH#3! You rock!


RDot said...

sure thing chubtoons. what is your email?

Patrick said...

I totally love this, my friend. It's so dynamic and really sexy with such a fun comedic element! Plus the fact that you mocked up a cover is so wicked.

I dare hope that maybe someday we might see the good Captain not only naked, but in a full comic book as well! LOL! :oD

You ROCK as always!!
Keep on creatin'!
Hugz + Kisses,
Patrick XOXO