Saturday, November 8, 2008

Phukar Bladesling

Magic The Gathering Card

I admit...I like playing Magic: The Gathering. But I always want the cards to be sexier. More nudity, more sex, more hot game mechanics - that's what I want. That, and I needed something to do with a barbarian pic I had been working on. Anyway, here's what I've cum up with.

Also, everyone check out the link to the Anti-Heros Store. Issue 3 is hot, funny and even a little gross...all the ingredients of a great comicbook!


JC said...

^__^ Thanks for the plug, bro!

And nice card! I so want to make a sexy trading card strategy game! Except I have no idea how to play them. Everytime I sit down to try and learn one of them, I lose patience.

RDot said...

that is quite hot as well. dont play magic. but i would love to shuffle through your deck

Chubtoons said...

Hey JC, You are certainly welcome for the plug. If I had a super-cool mind control device I'd have everyone buying up the book. It rocks!

As for playing card games, I was the same way. I just jumped in with both feet and discovered that it wasn't nearly as complicated as I thought it was going to be.

Hey, RDot, you can play with my deck any time you want. Lol. Thanks for stick'n around. Always look forward to your responses!

Hugs to you both!