Friday, May 30, 2008

Kratos with color

Still a work in progress...but probably all I'll get done on him for now. Decided to focus on other things, like getting some collaborative work done with Robert.

Just ordered some stuff from Class Comics: Blink Of An Eye, Porky 2, Mark of Aeacus, Deimos, and Zahn. Looking forward to that...just takes so darn long to get mail from Canada down here in Texas.

Hugz to everyone!


Neil Bruce said...


RDot said...

at last! he is ALIVE!! mean COMPLETE!!!

nightfallcub said...

that's quite awesome. *HUG* hope you're well

Chubtoons said...

Thanks Neil! I'm so glad to have you check'n out my stuff. I'm a *BIG* fan of your artwork.

Hey rdot...Thanks for stopping by, man. Hope everything is cool with you. I wish I could have polished Kratos up with some shading and special effects, but I needed to move on to other things.

And a special welcome to my friend, Nightfallcub! I always love hearing from you. Thank you for checking out my "naughty" blog.
Huge Hug to everyone.

Rhynotx said...

O_O Kratos has a tattoo.. on his dick! I love this drawing.

nookiedog said...

This is great version of Kratos, I'm a big fan of the games and I didn't think it possible to make Kratos any more hunky, but you did it my friend!

Nice job.