Monday, April 28, 2008

Hey, folks. I'm just check'n in to let everyone know I'm still here. As you can see, I'm hard at work on the final Kratos drawing. I'm hoping to start coloring this weekend. We'll see. I promise to catch up on Kok & Man also.

While I have everyone's attention, I'd also like to showcase a couple of my favorite Bear/Big-man artist from the web! Obviously, The subjects of these works are not what most might consider "attractive". For someone who grew up fighting with their own self-image, they demonstrate an erotic ideal that transcends mere appearance. The true hotness of these men comes from the warmth and comfort they exude. Their attraction comes from a desire to curl-up in their soft - yet tuff - arms and feel protected from the elements of life on the most intimate level.

First, check out the burly art of Neil Bruce:

And then hop on over to the muscle bear galleries of APBears:

Huge bear-hugz to all!


RDot said...

I knew about AP but Neil Bruce!1 Wow. he is awesome. and Kratos is awesome!! what a dick on him! welcome back! u have been missed!!

Anonymous said...

just find out ur blog: great works!

JC said...

GET WORKIN' ON THAT FINAL OF KRATOS! I gotta see it! (I still haven't bought that game yet tho... don't kill me!)

Good lookin out on that link to the bear art. I'd seen his work before, scattered about the web, but it's good to know where it all is.

Gray said...

Nice design!! But reminds me of the main charater from God Of War..