Thursday, May 10, 2012

Look'n 4 Work!

Commission artwork for only $5! 

Until Friday at midnight, I'm open for commission requests for $5 for a single B&W digital copy.  For an additional $5 each, I can also include original pencil art on Bristol board, and/or digital coloring.  I'm accepting requests until Friday at midnight or until I have 15 jobs (currently I have 2 - possibly 3 jobs).  After the cut-off, prices will increase so get your requests in now! The work can be anything as long as it will fit on a single sheet of Bristol board.  I'm working towards all jobs being completed within a week - two weeks for coloring.  Price of original pencil art doesn't include postage.

Email requests to:
I will follow-up on all requests within 24 hours.

Thanks and Hugs to all!!!

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