Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May Fan Art: Anti-Heroes

Antiheroes Happy May, everyone!

And in keeping with my new tradition - here is this month's fan art. In addition to being a cool person and talented artist, JC Etheredge is a very playfull storyteller. His staple characters - Caleb, Tai, and Zeke - are just a stone's throw away from being the three stooges with super-powers. Every piece JC draws is living anectdote. When he tosses his beloved antiheroes into a situation, sex becomes both motivation and punchline.

Here's looking at you, JC.


JC said...

WAAAA!!! LOOK! Dude-- what a pleasant surprise!!! I had no idea you were doin this. hehe! It's so cool! Being such a fan of your technique, it's an honor to see it grace the image of chars I created.

Ok-- I could gush here about it or I can post it on my blog and gush there. Being the wordy bastard I am, I think I'll do it there so as not to clog up your comment section.

Thanks sweetie!

Patrick said...

This is absolutely SUBLIME!!!! Brilliant job on all three of the Anti-Heroes, my friend! I love that each one is a bang-on rendition of the characters, but in your own wonderful flare and style! They're truly beautiful!

No wonder JC is doing back flips over them! LOL! :o)

Fantastic work, as always!!!

Big time Hugz + kisses,
Patrick XOXOXO

DANIEL said...

cool man, it is just an illustration? or is part of a comic book? could be good :-)

Anonymous said...