Monday, March 10, 2008

Dessert Anyone Yay...I'm back. (again)
Finally over the stomach virus, flu, and general blah's...and now I'm trying to get my ass back in gear with my art. This week's piece is an old one. I did this before I wanted to try to put the Hero Sandwich gang into some kind of storyline. The Idea is loosely based on a parady of Cloak and Dagger that ran some years ago in the comic "What the?!?"

As allways, I'm hoping to get back to posting new stuff soon.

Hugz to all!


RDot said...

Cookie 'N' Cream are HAWT!!! Damn..I want to see more of them...maybe in a series with Futomaru and the Hero Sandwich gang?!?!?!

are you ever going to release a graphic novel/comic book/ or collection??

and welcome back from being sick. I had a bad one myself..something is definitely going around

Perdido said...

Welcome Back, friend. I'm happy to see you at work again.

JC said...

Yeah I had it too. The flu shot this year was only 40% effective. WTH is that all about!?

Anyhoo cool characters, man. Cloak and Dagger are great jumping off points-- but they are so serious. It's nice to see you got a little playful with it.