Monday, January 14, 2008

Random Sketch


JC said...

Aw-- lookit his wee! I dunno why, but there's something I find really hot about a flaccid wang that points out-- not down. I feel like it only happens with dudes with average / smallish wangs. So hot.

Screw the pants, dude-- I'd nix 'em. I also find guys with shirts but no bottoms incredibly hot. LOL-- listen at me directing you on how to do your drawing based on what I think is hot-- haha.

Good work, dude.


RDot said...

I also think it is HAWT! But i just love big dudes anyways.
and since JC is bossing you around on what to draw..lemme throw my two cents bout a black big boy thug?!?! yum!

Chubtoons said...

Thanks guys.

I probably need some practice at drawing from other's directions and requests. Let me see what I can cum up with to fill your orders.