Saturday, November 3, 2007

Work in progress

Hi guys (and gals?),

Well, Halloween has cum and gone and I missed getting to post something spooky. That's OK. I'm already planning something for X-Mas. I spent the past week (between work, parties, and taking care of the guys) coloring my spicy Latino cub. Here's the finished work for all to inspect. I've got some older things that I'm gonna try to post this weekend also, to make up for the past few weeks. So, let me know what you like and don't like.

Super Huge Huggies!


RDot said...

Hot dayum is he spicy!! the color job is most excellent. He actually looks and feels Latino without us having to be told he is Latino. I have seen some work where the people are supposedly Latino, but just look like white guys. I mean...if you were to just post the pic and let us judge on looks alone, its obvious. amazing job. and his chunky foreskin covered dick makes one want to unravel it.

Chubtoons said...

Thanks rdot! Bless you, man.

Two things I just love: Drawing men with "flavor", and chowing down on a well-wrapped burito.

JC said...

mm-- beefy! Haha--

Nice colors. Very... um... TANGIBLE looking. (I was gonna say realistic but I know that's not always considered a compliment in the art world.)

But yeah, this rendering really makes him look 3d.

anthony's fortress of solitude said...

Love the toons! really great stuff! i just found your artwork through a link on Logan's site! Look forward to seeing more!