Saturday, September 15, 2007

Big Devil Animated

Happy Saturday!

It's said you can't teach an old dog new tricks. You can, however, give him a new look. I give you the "new and improved" Big Devil. I've given him a sleeker superhero look. Originally his entire body was to be covered with the plastech costume, but now he's showing as much skin as in the first drawing without having to play stretch-a-suit. His new ensemble includes an handy cape that can expand to protect the entire body or become a pair of handy-dandy devil wings. The one arm shows how the plastech can mold itself into any sort of tool or weapon his brain can dream up.

Also, this piece showcases my newest stylization. I call it my "Animated" look. It's highly influenced by the current rash of superhero toons. I like it, because it allows me to produce a more dramatic character with tighter, cleaner lines. I have more works in this same vein that will be posted in coming weeks.



RDot said...

Waitaminute...did BIG Devil go on a DIET? he sure looks ALOT more muscular than chubby as he did previously...I AM enjoying the new costume tho...but bring back the gut!

JC said...

Yeah-- he looks like he did drop a few waist sizes. No worries, though. I can actually see how he's stylized to match those new toons. Although your work is a lot more detailed than that. Animation, these days is very streamlined and undetailed. I kinda hate that. It all started with Batman, the Animated Series (back in '91 I think.) Then, they retooled it and made it a lot more cartoony-- and then all those other toons branched off (Supes, Teen Titans, Justice League, etc.)

I miss the days of super detailed character designs for animation. Back in the days where characters actually had human proportions and were actually 7 heads tall. Rememeber that? (*sigh)

But Big Devil here, though stylized, is far from any of the stuff I spoke disparagingly about above. And that's what I love about your work-- though you're stylized, you pay so much attention to the little details. You can tell a ot of forethought goes into it.

hmm-- looking at both versions of him, I overall like this one's costume better. He looks more threatening. Although, in the initial drawing, I like how buff and detailed his arms are. (and of course, the showing of tits and wang is always good! haha)

Chubtoons said...'r right...he has lost a few pounds. Oh,well.

I don't know which I like better. I guess, I fear falling into a rut with the older style. I definitely love the new costume. I do appreciate any coments positive or negative concerning my work. Huge hugz to you both!

Btw, JC, if you don't like the new animation style, don't look at the new Transformers series. Lol. They are totally Teen Titan-ized!

Anonymous said...

Slick style there CT! Beautiful inks as well...but I have to agree with JC--your detailed style is much more eye-catching and great to see. (Hope that didn't come across as a negative comment....I just like your original style more.) ;)



Perdido said...

Hy, sir. Sorry for my bad english. I’m an italian Bear Blogger and cartoonist (but not clever like you, I am afraid). I loved very much your comic “The Adventures of Kok and Man”. Now, I have wrote about you and your art on my bear blog: WOOF! ( I hope that this makes you happy. I admire very much your work. A hug from Italy.

RDot said...

see...NOW i wanna know more about Kok and man!! and WHY havent u given us some goodness yet? September was a lifetime ago!

Chubtoons said...

Oh...I'm just hip-deep in work. (not the kind I want to be hip-deep in.) Kok and Man was my first ever attempt at a comic strip. I'm prowd of it, but it's a far cry from my best work. I will post it soon, along with a few other goodies I have been laboring over.

Perdido, Welcom to my blog. I really wish I spoke/wrote Italian. I will be linking to your web site. I'm very happy that you liked Kok and Man. I need to finish it.

Z, I need all the feed back I can get. The concensus is that "animated" style is not the most popular. I'm gonna play with it some more and see if it grows on anyone.

Huge Huggies to all!